Surrendering to Hope - prayers of longing and lament

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Mon 6 Feb


Now we know that January can be a tough month, and while a new year often brings a sense of hope, we recognise that some of us might be entering this year feeling a bit heavy. We want to provide a space where we can process this with God, so our Pastoral Team are hosting a special event on three Monday nights in February, called 'Surrendering to Hope: Prayers of Longing and Lament'.

For 3 Monday evenings there will be a 30 minute, guided meditation on zoom. This will be a safe space where you can come and process some of the burdens you might be carrying - whether that's loss, illness, disappointment, or a general sense of longing and sadness.

We believe God has provided a way through lament for us to learn how to let go and receive a new spirit, and we want to intentionally take the time to lean into that. The prayers and meditations will be read out by one of the pastoral team, and you can just come and listen, and keep your camera off, and use it as a time to pray, process, and bring those things to God. You won't be asked to actively participate or join a breakout room - it's purely for you and God, and we hope it will be a really powerful time of healing and receiving fresh life in His presence.

The sessions won’t all be the same, so you could come to several, but you could also just come as a one-off to explore what it’s like. If you can think of anyone else who might be interested, do feel free to invite them to join too. Everyone is welcome.

Zoom details will be added soon. You can also email our pastoral team for more information or support on